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Wakulla County Clerk of Court

Contact: Honorable Brent Thurmond
Work 3056 Crawfordville Hwy Crawfordville FL 32327 Work Phone: (850) 926-0905 Ext. 225 Work Fax: (850) 926-0938 Website: http://www.wakullaclerk.com/
Photo of Wakulla County Clerk of Court


Photo of Wakulla County Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court Serves the Local Community

The Clerk of Court – elected by the people – plays an essential role in our free and democratic society by:

  • Serving the community as an elected trustee
  • Serving as a preserver of history and protector of public funds
  • Assisting with local court activities
  • Assisting citizens with many of their day-to-day needs
  • Providing oversight of and safeguards for collected tax dollars

The Clerk of Court Adds Value to Your Daily Life

The Clerk of Court helps residents interact easily with the court system and other local government processes. Services include:

  • Jury duty coordination
  • Traffic citations payment options
  • Marriage license applications
  • Property deed documentation
  • Divorce filings
  • Passport applications

The Clerk of Court Assists You in the Court Process

The Clerk of Court assists residents with filing many types of cases that do not need an attorney. For example, your Clerk’s Office will provide you with the paperwork and direction necessary to file a small claim case.

The Clerk of Court Helps Local Families

The Clerk of Court provides assistance to protect the best interests of family members involved in child support cases or domestic violence:

  • Keeps the official records for child support payments
  • Provides information and processes restraining orders against violators for victims of domestic violence.

The Clerk of Court is the Guardian of Taxpayer Dollars

In many Florida counties, the Clerk of Court is also the County Comptroller. The Florida Constitution places accountability with your local Clerk of Court as the Comptroller entrusting the office with public fund oversight.

  • Accountant and auditor for the Board of County Commissioners
  • Ex-officio member of the Board of County Commissioners
  • As the county’s Chief Financial Officer, ensures that county funds are spent according to law

The Clerk of Court is the Preserver of Public Records

Our way of life and democratic process rely on accurate historical records. The Clerk of Court maintains public records related to:

  • Property deeds
  • Court proceedings
  • Other important legal documents, including marriage records

The Clerk of Court Provides Access & Protects your Privacy

The Clerk of Court is also responsible for making sure citizens have convenient access to public records and that an individual’s privacy is protected:

  • Official Records are available over the Internet for ease of access
  • The Clerk’s Office uses the latest technology to keep private information such as social security numbers and bank account numbers out of the wrong hands

Ending Message

Whether a partner in the court system, providing government accountability to its citizens or maintaining the public records:

Your Clerk of the Court is Working For You!

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3056 Crawfordville Hwy Crawfordville FL 32327