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Palaver Tree Theater Co.

Contact: Herb Donaldson
Work PO Box 541 Crawfordville FL 32326 Cell Phone: (718)682-3870 Website:
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Photo of Palaver Tree Theater Co.




Palaver Tree Theater Company is dedicated to the strong belief that theatre is an instrument of communal transformation. As a 501 non-profit organization, our founding principles are to be inclusive, accessible, educational, and a relevant source to all – regardless of cultural or economic backgrounds – by providing opportunities to witness forms of artistry that validate and reflect the human experience.

Located in Wakulla County, Florida, our plays, films, exhibits, developmental initiatives and workshops include artists and critical thinkers throughout the county and surrounding areas. Ticket prices for productions are kept low and many events are free of charge so that outreach to new audiences can remain broad. Forum and talkback events that accompany our presentations challenge populations to openly discuss significant issues. Our county-to-county partnerships are highly important, as they form avenues of recognition and income by igniting local tourism and creating job opportunity. Our goal is to build an informative dialogue and better understanding of each other’s experience, language, tradition, and overall ‘story’, by use of the arts

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PO Box 541 Crawfordville FL 32326