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Contact: Jesse Wallace
Work 2135 Crawfordville Hwy Crawfordville FL 32327 Work Phone: (850) 745-8729
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Photo of Goo -Goo Car Wash

About Goo Goo 3 Minute Express Wash
What was started by R.D. Beck and his son Lamar in 1945 Anniston, Alabama, has evolved across the country into the state of the art Goo Goo 3 Minute Express Wash. In an era that demands quality, speed, economy and service, Goo Goo has led the way by developing this concept to meet the needs of the driving public. From the time that you enter the wash site to the time we wave goodbye to you and your clean car, everything is directed to giving you an enjoyable experience.
At Goo Goo we we are proud of our well lit, fully landscaped facilities decorated in our Red and Yellow colors. You will pull up to an automated, interactive pay station where you will choose your wash package. We accept cash and most major credit cards. Of course, a Goo Goo gift card is always welcome as well. After you transaction is complete, the gate will lift and you will be asked to pull forward.
You will be met by smiling, uniformed Goo Goo employees in the signature red tie. They will prep your vehicle for your wash and guide you onto the conveyor. Put your vehicle in neutral, hands off the steering wheel and foot off the brakes and your wash begins.
Relax in your car – We do the washing for you!
The Goo Goo 3 Minute Express Wash tunnel is packed with the latest, most cutting edge equipment available. Gentle Microfiber cloth and Neoglide foam ensure that your vehicle is safely and thoroughly cleaned. We use specially formulated, Goo Goo soaps and waxes to produce a finished product that meets your expectations. As you exit the tunnel, a traffic light will turn green to let you know your wash is complete.
When the light turns green, put your vehicle in gear (and your hands back on the wheel) so you can pull around into our Free Vacuum area. Pull into a spot and use the high suction vacuums all you want. Take your time, the vacuum stays on as long as you need it. Don’t forget to use the mat cleaning machines spaced across the vacuum area. These are quick, easy and also Free!
That’s all there is to it. Please let us know if we can do anything to make your experience a better one and be sure to tell all your friends about us. Thanks and remember,
We love a clean car!