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Emergency Management- Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office

Contact: Jennifer Nagy
Work 15 Oak St Crawfordville FL 32327 Work Phone: (850) 745-7200 Website: http://www.wcso.org/emergency-management/
Photo of Emergency Management- Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office


Photo of Emergency Management- Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office

The Emergency Management Division’s responsibilities are to support the continuity of government; to coordinate emergency response to severe weather, disasters, medical emergencies, fires, rescues, animal control, and hazardous materials situations; and to plan for, coordinate with and support the State of Florida Emergency Management Team and the Federal Government during extreme emergencies throughout the state and the United States.

Wakulla County’s Emergency Management Director is Jennifer Nagy. Director Nagy allows the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office to continue our excellent service to the public during both emergency and non-emergency times.

The role of Emergency Management is to assist local residents during times of natural or man-made disasters and to provide backup resources to all county responders. In addition, Emergency Management constantly works to ensure that all emergency plans are current, efficient, and effective.

Wakulla County is recognized by the National Weather Service as being “Storm Ready.” According to the National Weather Service, approximately 98 percent of all presidentially declared disasters are weather-related. By achieving this designation, Wakulla County has demonstrated that it has taken additional steps to be better prepared to manage severe weather that may impact our community in the future.

The State of Florida granted approval to Wakulla County for the “Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan” which is a 5-year plan that adopts fundamental practices, language and operational concepts to protect the citizens, including a special Terrorism Annex.

Emergency Management also partners with the American Red Cross in several important projects. One of these projects involves the development of Disaster Resistant Neighborhoods.

Other responsibilities include the management of the County’s E911 computer and mapping system. Funding for the E911 system is through a separate budget that is supported by a surcharge added to the telephone bills for county residents.

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15 Oak St Crawfordville FL 32327