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East Coast Judicial Monitoring, LLC

Contact: Mike Hariison
Work 17 High Drive Crawfordville FL 32327 Work Phone: (850) 926-8378 Work Fax: (850) 926-2395 Website: http://www.eastcoastjudicialmonitoring.com
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Photo of East Coast Judicial Monitoring, LLC

East Coast Judicial Monitoring is a privately owned business that assists criminal justice systems with alternative sentencing strategies. Our primary goal is to alleviate the financial burden forced upon State and Local criminal justice systems. Traditional sentencing and pretrial strategies have been effective techniques used to deter crime for many years, although the increased number of offenders and recent economic climate has made the traditional methods almost impossible to sustain. Recent budget cuts have made it difficult for these agencies to address the issues created by overcrowded jails, pretrial programs with limited resources, flooded first appearance court dockets, and a decrease in staff numbers. The extremely high recidivism rate associated with alcohol related offenses alone is one of the primary factors causing the previously stated problems.

Research has found that a large number of first time offenders and repeat offenders had consumed alcohol prior to their law violation. We believe our services can be utilized to assist in solving most of these problems. East Coast Judicial Monitoring offers the criminal justice system a wide variety of offender monitoring strategies, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual offender. Our services include 24 hour continuous alcohol monitoring (SCRAMx), electronic radio frequency (RF) house arrest, and GPS offender tracking (Active or Passive). We work directly with Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, Pretrial Programs, Sheriffs, and Probation/Parole systems throughout the East Coast to strategically develop a plan that will effectively reduce cost, lighten case loads and depopulate jails in a fashion that ensures community safety. Please browse through this website to learn the details of our services and feel free to contact us for a consultation.

East Coast Judicial Monitoring also conducts Pre Employment drug testing for local employers.

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17 High Drive Crawfordville FL 32327