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Contact: Brandon Lynch
Work Brandon Lynch 69 Marie Circle Crawfordville FL 32327 Work Phone: (850) 745-4111 Cell Phone: (850) 745-4090 Website: Visit Website
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Photo of Critter Control

Wild animals are a necessary component of the natural world, and help the food chain function properly. But when you find a raccoon destroying your attic insulation, a snake in your living space, or rats in your walls and ceilings, it’s often second nature to want to get rid of the wildlife intruder at any cost, humane or not. It’s second nature to panic, and try to handle the problem yourself – which usually does not end well. The wildlife specialists at Critter Control of Tallahassee know how to effectively and humanely remove wild animals from your living or workspace, and we are also experts at wildlife damage repair – providing services like attic restoration, house washing, and more.

Our staff will not only provide wildlife removal and damage repair services, but will also ensure that all potential entry points will be sealed off against future wildlife intrusion. Our prevention services have been helpful not only to homeowners, but to property management companies, businesses, municipalities, and more.

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Brandon Lynch 69 Marie Circle Crawfordville FL 32327