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Contact: Zoe Mansfield
Work P.O. Box 296 St. Marks FL 32355 Work Phone: (850) 925-6224 Work Fax: (850) 925-5657 Website: Visit Website
Photo of City of St. Marks


Photo of City of St. Marks

St. Marks was first incorporated by the United States Congress in 1833. Originally, it was known as “Tallahassee’s Port City” especially after the Tallahassee-St. Marks Railroad was completed. (As many as 50,000 bales of cotton were shipped from St. Marks annually before the Civil War). In 1961, its residents voted to reactivate a 1927 charter. Today, St. Marks is an incorporated municipality governed by a five member board of commissioners who are elected by the citizens.

St. Marks has been an important seaport for three distinct historic periods. First the shipping of cotton in the 1880’s; then commercial and recreational fishing, followed by importing storage, refining and handling of petroleum products. Today the petroleum industries have declined and recreational and commercial fishing continues to flourish along with diverse array of boating activities. The railroad has become a very active “Rails to Trails” corridor for runners, cyclist, horseback riders, etc. and the fort has become a wonderful state museum.

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P.O. Box 296 St. Marks FL 32355