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Beach Sky Aerials – Aerial Photography

Contact: Fred Lanier
Cell Phone: (850) 241-2845 Website:
Photo of Beach Sky Aerials – Aerial Photography


Photo of Beach Sky Aerials – Aerial Photography

Beach Sky Aerials

Beach Sky Aerials performs traditional as well as aerial drone photography to meet your needs. We can provide you with finished artwork framed and ready for presentation. We can cover events such as concerts or other outdoor events. We use a DJI Phantom IV which shoots high quality HD videos and stills. Realtors there is nothing more impressive than a video of the property inside and out. This gives the buyer a much more comfortable feel of the house they are about to invest in. We can also do roof and tower inspections. We can provide website ready, professionally edited still and video presentations custom made per your instructions. My name is Fred Lanier. I am a disabled vet and retired pastor. I enjoy working with others and offer special prices for non-profits. Please visit our contact page.

FAA License 3969897