Superintendent Robert Pearce                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          PO Box 100/69 Arran Road


Work Phone:(850) 926-0065


I am proud of this School System and the consistent quality educational programs offered. Being a product of the Wakulla County School System as well as a lifelong educator for the Wakulla County School Board, I speak from intimate, personal knowledge of our organization. It is with pride that I can say that Wakulla County School System has consistently…….

  • Provided a designated curriculum and equitable student services for students always considering the capabilities and needs of each individual.
  • Promoted teamwork and involvement throughout all facets of the system from the instructional/academic elements to the facility and support services elements.
  • Balanced academic opportunities with extra curricular opportunities as appropriate by the age and stage of the student.
  • Practiced sound fiscal management of available state and local resources.
  • Benefited from parental and community involvement in the decision making arena and the delivery of educational activities

I am not surprised that Wakulla County, long known for its natural beauty and unique waterways, has also moved to the educational forefront. Wakulla County Schools is the place to be whether as a student or as an employee! Visit Wakulla County School’s Website at

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