About Wakulla County

Welcome to beautiful Wakulla County, Florida!

Founded in 1843, and steeped in the rich history of America, the county of Wakulla is home to a traditional, yet modern community unlikely to forget its roots. With a strong focus on entrepreneurship, environmental consciousness, and outdoor living, Wakulla County has become a rapidly evolving retreat that still feels like home. That’s why more than 1,000 people settle down here in Wakulla every year.

Part of what makes Wakulla feel like home is our incredibly tight-knit community. Despite the area’s forward-thinking attitude, residents of Wakulla County continue to extend the same traditional southern hospitality that has welcomed visitors for more than a century. The people of Wakulla have long believed in the power of a kind word and an open mind, an attitude that has been one of the hallmarks of the county’s reputation, encouraging an increasing number of new faces to call Wakulla their home each year.

Fortunately, growth in Wakulla County doesn’t mean abandoning the natural attributes that have made the area so appealing to residents and visitors alike. Our county hosts a variety of outdoor attractions that cater to those from all walks of life. Home to beautiful gulf waters, unparalleled sporting, vast natural forests, and even one of the world’s largest natural fresh water springs, Wakulla has something for the outdoor enthusiast in everyone.

Wakulla Springs, in particular, has long been heralded for it’s natural beauty. In an effort to convey his first impression of the springs, adventurer Charles Lanman wrote, “An adequate idea of this mammoth spring could never be given by pen or pencil; but when once seen, on a bright calm day, it must ever after be a thing to dream about and love.” High praise indeed from a man who spent his life traveling the continent, sketching the most picturesque landscapes this country has to offer.

It is that reverence for the natural world that has attracted so many environmentally responsible businesses to Wakulla County. Locally owned and operated green enterprise has become one of the principal motivators of Wakulla’s commercial future, and will surely help solidify our county’s importance as one of America’s premier havens for the eco-conscious.

Wakulla County’s proclivity for enlightened thinking wouldn’t be possible without a powerful education system. Earning an “˜A’ rating for the last four consecutive years, the Wakulla County School District has a state-wide reputation for producing some of the top minds in Florida. And, seated only minutes away from two of the state’s foremost universities, students of the WCSD have access to a world-class collegiate education right in their own back yard.

Wakulla County isn’t just growing. This diverse, forward-thinking community is evolving at a rate that will surely propel Wakulla to the top of Florida’s list of most alluring vistas. With a wealth of natural beauty, a passion for progress, and the welcoming charm of true southern tradition, Wakulla, Florida might just be your next home. It sure feels like it.

So, Come join the thousands of new residents that call Wakulla County home each year, and explore the majesty of natural living with an eye on the future.

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