About the Chamber

Wakulla County is growing every day. No longer a shadow community of Florida’s capital, the edenic burb has become a hub of intellectual and environmentally concientious activity that will surely catapult Wakulla to the forefront of America’s up and coming communities. With such limitless potential, it should come as no surprise that recent years have seen a sharp increase in the number of small businesses breaking ground within our evolving borough.

These new small business interests will form the foundation of our community’s future, and the Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce will bind those emerging enterprises together, advocating public policy that favors long-term commercial development and locally motivated progress without the kind of political interference that makes real growth an impossibility.

In addition to providing a public voice for economic development, the Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce is also working to attract new entrepreneurs in an effort to more effectively grow Wakulla’s business environment. By building and investing in Wakulla County’s commercial community, the COC also hopes to help strengthen the greater area as a whole. Our focus on the future is designed to continuously improve the total quality of life in the greater Wakulla area.

Finally, the Chamber helps serve the business community by encouraging membership networking. Membership in the Chamber of Commerce is not limited to a simple exchange of benefits with other active members. The most powerful benefits of Chamber membership come from the relationships that grow out of a tightly connected group of local business leaders. These relationships often prove some of the most important commercial networking resources in those areas experiencing a great deal of economic growth.

The Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to service of Wakulla’s business community and all those who benefit from it. Contact the Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce for more information about membership and local initiatives.