Job Opening – Marine Research Assistant

Job Opening – Marine Research Assistant

The Apalachicola Bay System Initiative (ABSI) at the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory (FSUCML) seeks a marine technician with strong interests in oyster reef ecology to manage and lead field operations in the Apalachicola Bay and neighboring environs.

This position will contribute to a long-term research project examining the health, and mapping a trajectory for recovery of the Apalachicola Bay ecosystem, with emphasis on oyster reefs.  Data collection is mostly field-based and involves (1) field sampling to monitor water quality, oyster recruitment, growth and survival and community structure of reef-associated fauna; (2) field data download and management; (3) instrument deployment for in situ water quality monitoring of the research area; (4) assisting all ABSI faculty with research as needed, among other duties. 



  • Applicant must be physically capable of conducting rigorous field work and have the flexibility to work long hours when needed.
  • Working knowledge of computer software including Microsoft Office.
  • Experienced in operation (driving, trailering, GPS navigation) of vessels up to 28ft
  • B.S. (M.S.) preferred in marine science or closely related field. Strong field skills and previous practical experience required.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license


  • Working knowledge of image analysis software, Geographic Information Systems and database construction and maintenance.
  • SCUBA diving certification
  • Experience with maintenance and operation of in situ data loggers.
  • Familiarity with the Florida Panhandle nearshore area.

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