November is National Hospice Month

November is National Hospice Month

Each of us has unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. That is never more evident than when confronted with a serious illness. For 35 years, Big Bend Hospice (BBH) has based our care on respecting the patient’s desires and empowering the caregiver/family.

November is National Hospice Month. BBH welcomes this opportunity to let our neighbors know that there is an option when there is no cure. Patients have the right to manage their pain and to live their last days to the fullest extent possible. BBH’s team approach helps to improve the quality of life for patients with illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular disease, end-stage renal or liver disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s and any other disease that, if left to run the natural course, would result death in six months or less.

How do you get Hospice care? Anyone – the patient, the family, physician or friend can initiate the conversation by calling Big Bend Hospice at (805)878-5310. Who pays for Hospice care? All services related to the illness, including prescriptions, are covered through Medicare, Medicaid, or Private Insurance. Thanks to the support from the community through the Big Bend Hospice Foundation, no one is ever turned away from BBH care due to inability to pay.

What is hospice care? It is supportive, compassionate and respectful care for the patient and their caregiver. Hospice is provide wherever the patient calls home, including hospitals, nursing home, and assisted living facilities. Every patient can keep their own physician, but is offered a team of nurses, social workers, aids, spiritual counselors and trained volunteers. If the patient desires, Big Bend Hospice also offers unique services including music therapy, grief and loss counseling, a Veteran Liaison, and animal therapy to complete the team.

For Big Bend Hospice, we inspire HOPE by positively impacting the way our community experiences a serious illness or grief – one family at a time.
If you would like to learn more about Big Bend Hospice, call 850-878-5310 or visit our web site at
Big Bend Hospice has been serving this community since 1983 with compassionate end-of-life care along with grief and loss counselors available to provide information and support to anyone in Leon, Jefferson, Taylor, Madison, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin or Wakulla County. If you would like additional information about services, please call 850-878-5310 or visit