Eastpoint Fire Aid

In times of a disaster good people want the help those in need by sending items that may be needed.   In many cases it is hard to tell what the people affected by the disaster need at the time and if there are effective logistics in place to get donated items to those in need within the time frame that they are needed.  It is always best to donate money to an organization that you know will be able to get the funds directly to the victims ASAP.  Our neighbors to the south in Franklin County are in that situation today.  Wild Fires have destroyed homes and possessions of many families.  As damage assessments are being made we can start assisting those families through donating cash so the families can be assisted in purchasing items that they need to start rebuilding their lives.  Not only do they have to replace everyday necessities like clothing and personal hygiene items they also have to find temporary shelter and rebuild their homes.  Doing it in this manor insures that the victims will get cloths and diapers that fit, items that are in need and assistance in ways that it is needed.


Below is a post from Franklin County Emergency Management with a link to directly donate to the victims of this disaster.  Please help those in need in a way they need it the most.  


The Most Effective way to help the Families of Easpoint is Cash Donations. Early estimates are indicating that many families have lost their homes and possessions in the fire which engulfed the Northern sections of Eastpoint on the afternoon of June 24. Please assist if you can. Many families will be without food and shelter for an indefinite period. 100% of your donation will go to the effected families through Franklin County Emergency Management’s established case management system working in partnership with the Franklin County Emergency Operation Center. Your donation is Tax deductible, Franklin’s Promise Coalition is a 501c3 registered non-profit who serves as Franklin County’s Unmet Needs Committee and Long Term Recover Coalition. For more information, call 850-323-0176.