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Florida’s Invasive Lionfish:Be The Predator!

Florida’s Invasive Lionfish:Be The Predator! 

By Hanna Tillotson Lionfish Control, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


January 11, 2018, From 7pm to 8pm FSUCML Auditorium 3618 US-98, St. Teresa, FL 32358 

Free & Open To the Public. Refreshments available before talk  

Lionfish are nonnative invasive species that were introduced to the coastal waters of Florida over 30 years ago and have since successfully invaded the Caribbean Sea, western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Often referred to as the worst marine invasion to date, lionfish have the potential to alter the population dynamics of our native marine communities, impacting the recreational and commercial fishing industries and overall economy of Florida. Join Us to learn about ways to get involved in lionfish removal efforts.