Local Job Opportunity

 Eden Springs

Job Title:        Admissions Liaison/Marketing Representative



  1. High school degree with additional education preferred..
  2. Three years of patient assessment experience preferred.
  3. Able to communicate effectively with bother internal and external medical personnel as well as community resources.
  4. Knowledge of SNF coverage criteria and reimbursement.
  5. Able to function independently, make decisions, problem solve and utilize resources as necessary.


  1. Continuously develop their skills and knowledge, either through CEU programs, readings, conferences, departmental training programs or some combinations of these.
  2. Develop and display a clear customer service focus at all times.
  3. View their work as part of the larger healthcare delivery system, and strive to improve their performance in concert with, rather than in competition with, their co-workers and other Eden Springs employees.
  4. Be Conscious of the resources they use in completing their work and to strive to use these resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Principal Duties and Responsibility:

  1. Serve as a representative of the facility in daily contact with medical personnel, patients and others. Ensure all communication to customers, both internal and external, is respectful, prompt, comprehensive, and that patient communication is based on age specific needs.
  2. Be visible with various agencies in a Marketing Representative role to enhance knowledge of.
  3. Coordinate with other facility staff the subsequent authorization of managed care reimbursed patients. Communicate with insurance personnel in a timely manner to ensure that adequate reimbursement is obtained prior to initiation of services. Communicate authorization information to clinical staff to ensure that correct utilization of SNF services is maintained.
  4. Process referral and communicate to appropriate facility staff. Ensure that the financial responsibility, diagnosis and medication sections of the referral paperwork are completed. Validate that the referring physician’s medical license is active. Provide referral information to the appropriate facility team member for entry into clinical and financial software systems. Distribute referral and authorization forms to appropriate clinical team, clinical support services and financial staff.


Please apply at 4679 Crawfordville Highway