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COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan) FREE Workshop Sponsored By Talquin Electric Cooperative

No Cost Help for Your Small Business

Whether it’s due to inclement weather or maybe even a power outage, unplanned emergencies can negatively impact your business.  However, very few businesses, especially small businesses, have a Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP) in place. Hence the reason why the Wakulla Chamber of Commerce and Talquin Electric Cooperative have joined forces to offer both Chamber members and non-Chamber members an opportunity to participate in a lunch and learn workshop scheduled for January 18, 2017 from 12:00 – 2:00. Location to be determined.
During this lively workshop you’ll hear from subject matter experts who understand just how important getting your business back up and running is to your livelihood. This workshop will provide the concepts of developing a COOP plan. Additionally, you’ll learn how to continue performing critical essential functions during a wide range of potential emergencies. Developing a COOP plan will help you prepare your business to continue operating in an environment that is threatened, diminished, or incapacitated. The workshop will also include a discussion of the following:
• Comprehensive procedures
• Plan development, and provisions for alternate facilities
• Personnel, resources,
• Lines of communication and vital records.

Due to the support made available through Talquin Electric Cooperative there is no cost to attend this workshop. However, seating is limited. To reserve your seat, please contact 850.926.1848 or email Petra Shuff at