It just can’t get more exciting than this and you can be a part of it. Wakulla County is about to embark on its very first community wide Paint It Red Treasure Hunt. It works like this……..
One clue each week will be released to The Wakulla News, to local radio stations, and to the social media of Wakulla County. The first clue will be released on Wednesday, Sept. 21st followed by an additional clue each Wednesday thereafter (9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26) until the Treasure is located.
This information can be shared and tweeted and emailed; it can be discussed in classrooms and in big groups and in little groups, and it can be phoned to a friend. We want as many people as possible to be thinking about where the Treasure might be hidden.
Each new clue will build on the previous one until the location of the treasure is more and more obvious. The first clue or two will leave the “booty” location wide open to many possibilities. Unless one is extremely lucky he/she will have to wait until at least the next clue to determine the hiding place.
The Treasure Hunt, open to every Wakulla County Resident and even beyond, is being sponsored by the Wakulla Republican Women’s Club Federated and the Wakulla High School Young Republican’s Club. The Republican Party …. The party of Abraham Lincoln and the party that gave women the Right to Vote … has a rich and deep history and it is the club’s goal to share with the people of Wakulla County some of the many and varied contributions made by the Grand Old Party (GOP).
We are proud to be Republican Women and Young Republicans working for the advancement of people, county and country. For additional information or to join the Wakulla Republican Women’s Club email: For more information on the Wakulla High Young Republicans Club contact the club adviser at the high school.
Oh, and what is the Treasure that will keep brain’s working, eyes open and feet moving? According to ancient lore, buried inside that treasure chest are two tickets to the FSU vs Clemson game on Oct. 29th. Ay, Matey, tickets that previously were thought not to exist will go to the lucky winners of Wakulla’s first ever Paint It Red Treasure Hunt so stay tuned.