Wakulla County Sales Tax Extension – Cast an Informed Vote

The One Cent Sales Tax Extension will be on the ballot at the November 8, 2016 General Election.

Sales Tax Overview:  
The One Cent Sales Tax is presented on the ballot to be voted on by the electors of Wakulla County every 15 years and was first adopted in 1987 to provide funding for road infrastructure, public safety, public facilities/infrastructure, and public parks and recreation.  The One Cent Sales Tax can only be used for capital improvement projects; and therefore, the County is not relying on property tax dollars to fund those projects.

Is this a New Tax? 
No. This tax was first passed by voters in 1987 and has also been extended by the voters every 15 years.

Who Pays It?
The sales tax extension maintains the one cent sales tax on the sale of local goods.  This means that anyone (citizens, visitors, tourists, businesses, etc.) who buys taxable products in Wakulla County will be contributing a penny to our community.

Past Projects Funded: 

  • Vehicles for Public Safety (11 Ambulances and 64 Sheriff’s Office Vehicles)
  • 3 Advanced  Lifesaving Units for Public Safety
  • Over $11 million in Road Improvements (Resurfacing, Paving, & Striping)
  • Newport Park Bathroom Restoration
  • Medart Recreation Park Improvements (Equipment, Lighting, & Fields)
  • Azalea Park Trail Improvements
  • Community Center Improvements
  • Animal Services Facility Improvements
  • New Annex for the Sheriff’s Office
  • Courthouse Renovations
  • Wakulla River Upper Bridge Repair
  • Shell Point Boat Ramp Project

Revenue Received:
The County has received over $21 million since the renewal of the One Cent Sales Tax in 2003.

Without It?
The One Cent Sales Tax is needed to fund future capital improvements for Public Safety, Parks, Facilities, Recreation, Road Infrastructure, and to provide matching funds for grant opportunities that add additional funding for capital improvements.  Without the One Cent Sales Tax, park improvements, road resurfacing & paving projects, and other infrastructure needs “WILL NOT” have a dedicated and secure funding source.

What Future Projects Will It Fund? 

  • Public Safety Facility Upgrades
  • Design & Construction of New Fire/EMS Facility
  • Animal Services Facility Upgrades
  • Vehicle Purchases for Fire, EMS, and Sheriff’s Office
  • Road Improvements (Resurfacing, Paving, & Striping)
  • Bridge Repairs
  • Medart Recreation Park Improvements
  • Improvements to Other County Parks
  • Construction of New Recreation Park
  • Construction of New Recreation Park

Citizen Survey
County staff has developed a survey to obtain citizen input in an effort to provide the Board of County Commissioners (Board) with recommendations on the funding levels of future projects.  The current funding levels of the One Cent Sales Tax are as follows:

  • 45% Transportation
  • 23% Public Facilities/Infrastructure
  • 22% Public Safety
  • 10% Public Parks and Recreation

The survey results will allow the Board to determine if there’s a need to amend these proportions prior to placing the extension on the ballot.

When Will This Be on The Ballot?
The One Cent Sales Tax Extension will be on the ballot at the November 8, 2016 General Election.

Take the survey: