Charity Events

WCHS Fundraiser

Dear WCHS Members and Friends,

We want to let you know about a couple of special fundraisers that WCHS has begun.  As always, monetary donations in any amount are welcome and much appreciated.

WCHS Fundraiser – Brick Pavers:

Attached you will find information on our Brick Paver Fundraiser.  This is a great way to honor or memorialize family members and other special people in your life, and also help WCHS raise funds.

Upstairs Renovation of Museum:

We are in need of more space at the Museum to house our historical records and exhibit displays.  Being able to utilize the space upstairs would be a tremendous help for us.  The first step for this is to have the upstairs wired for electrical and for heating and air.  If you wish to contribute towards this, checks may be mailed or dropped by the Museum.  Please indicate Upstairs Renovation on the memo line.  Credit cards also accepted.

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