News Press Release

Wakulla County Announces Availability of Rock Landing Boat Slips


Crawfordville, Florida – The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners is seeking vessel owners to lease a boat slip at the Rock Landing Commercial Fishing Dock.

The Rock Landing Dock was dedicated and officially opened for public use in 2009. The dock was constructed by the County for the purpose of stimulating the local economy through the maintenance of a commercial fishing fleet.

There are ten boat slips available for lease. Vessel owners will be required to complete a Lease Agreement and pay the rental fee of either $1,200 per year prepaid in advance or $125 per month.  In addition, the County recently removed the insurance requirement so that the vessel owner is not required to have vessel insurance.  If you’re interested in leasing a slip, please contact the Wakulla County Parks & Facilities Department at (850) 926-7227.