Wakulla County Residents Invited to View Preliminary Flood Hazard Maps

The attached PDF document has a link to the current and proposed flood maps.  Many people will be adversely affected by this change as your zoning will change. It is important for each of us to know how the proposed change will impact us.  This change will potentially affect the desirability and cost of many properties in Wakulla County.  It will take about 12 months for the proposed changes to become effective.  If an Elevation Certificate confirms that a property should not be in an inferior flood zone, now would be the best time to share that information.  It may be easier to make corrections now and avoid having to file for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) later.  Let’s get in front of the issue so we can make sure changes are implemented properly, based on correct data.  Wakulla County Open House Announcement

We are interested in receiving your thoughts and observations on this issue.