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–Three horses test positive for EEE—


TallahasseeMosquito-borne disease in Leon County has increased.  Two horses living within a mile of each other near the Fort Braden area and Highway 20 have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEE) in the last two weeks.  Yesterday, another horse in the Woodville area also tested positive for EEE.  In addition, neighboring Gadsden County Health Department issued a release Monday confirming their first human case of West Nile virus in 2012. The risk of mosquito-borne disease transmission to humans has increased.

The Leon County Health Department urges residents and visitors to protect themselves, their pets and their horses from mosquitoes.  If you want your property sprayed, please call the Leon County Mosquito Control Division, at 850-606-1400, to request spraying.

EEE is almost always fatal to horses, so vaccinate them to avoid EEE.  Dogs and cats can contract heartworm disease from mosquitoes (also usually fatal), so please call your veterinarian for the best preventative for your pets.  Protect yourself and your family by taking basic precautions to help limit exposure by following the Department of Health recommendations below. More…PR Mosquitoes EEE Horses 9-11-12