Camp Gordon Johnston Museum Assists Army Corps of Engineers

Camp Gordon Johnston Museum Assists Army Corps of Engineers

The Old Camp Gordon Johnston camp area will once again be checked for ordinance and any contamination that may remain from the camp.  The Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum has been asked to assist locals who have any questions about what is taking place.  If you missed the meeting held at Chillas Hall, come by the museum Thursday through Saturday to receive materials and have any questions answered about this project.

The museum acts as an Awareness Program for both local citizens and tourists.  There is a display set up to show individuals the type of ordinance that can be found in this area and what to do if you spot any of these materials.  The museum also works with Tyndall Air Force Base and its bomb squad in getting the explosive devises removed.

Camp Gordon Johnston, and all former military organizations in the country, having explosives and contaminates that were left behind and the government, tax -payer dollars, is actively seeking to remove these items and contaminants.  The present project at the former Camp Gordon Johnston will take about three years to complete, with follow-ups every five years after that.

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