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Learn to Build Your Own Greenhouse

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                  September 27, 2011



Jessica Welch

Office of Policy & Public Information

(850) 926-0919


Learn How To Build Your Own Greenhouse

Crawfordville, Florida ““ The Wakulla County Extension office is holding a workshop for anyone interested in learning how to build their own greenhouse.  In this area we are blessed with a climate that is like no other. We usually have at least 9 months of warm weather and just three months that are cold, sometimes brutally cold. Last winter many people lost prized plants because they were complacent in protecting them since early in the season it was rather mild but as we progressed it got painfully cold killing many plants.

There are varied strategies that may be employed to protect in ground plants from frost damage. However, for your containerized plants a greenhouse is your best option. The basic difference between a greenhouse (sometimes called hothouse) and a cold house is that the greenhouse is outfitted with some artificial means of heat. More News Release -Build Your Own Greenhouse