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BBB Warns of Deceptive Solicitations

BBB® warns: deceptive city guide advertisers now targeting school supporters

Pensacola, Fla. (June 9, 2011) ““ Just two weeks ago, BBB|Northwest Florida issued an alert about a company soliciting local businesses with a questionable sales pitch. Now, the same business is soliciting for high school football posters.

Ossian Enterprises, doing business as Communities Unlimited, LLC, began targeting the area claiming to sell advertising space on “local city guides” that are purportedly to be distributed throughout the community. Two chambers of commerce whose members were targeted with the solicitations assured BBB|Northwest Florida that they had no ties to Communities Unlimited.

Now, Ossian Enterprises is again targeting the community, this time as Ads Sports Inc.,  selling ads on high school football posters. The emails are vague, stating that there will be “up to 5,000 posters” sent out in September 2011 and that they “are doing all area High Schools.” The emails include a “mockup ad,” pictured below.

A request from BBB|Northwest Florida for additional information about which area high schools Ads Sports Inc. is supporting has not been answered.

Your BBB urges small business owners to use caution when being solicited by individuals selling advertising space. Check past publications and contact local businesses who have already worked with the business in question. Find out exactly what kind of exposure your ad will receive and make sure it’s worth the price. Often times, businesses will shell out big bucks for a small advertisement on a no name online directory or a poorly circulated flyer. As always, check with your BBB for valuable information and advice.

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