The Local Employment Landscape

The Local Employment Landscape
In March 2011, the unemployment rate in our area was 7.8 percent. This represented a .4 percent decrease from the month before. Additionally, compared to both Florida and the rest of the nation, our area shines in comparison.

Additionally, online labor demand rose in Gadsden, Leon and Wakulla by 637 jobs. That is a 16 percent increase over the month. Most online jobs vacancies were for registered nurses, retail salespeople and customer service representatives.

This translates into positive evidence that the local workforce development boards are doing all that they can to lower the unemployment rate and their efforts are paying off, unemployment is and has been improving.

The fact that the number of online “Help Wanted” ads is increasing shows that more employers are hiring. As such, job seekers are becoming more positive about their employment outlook. Because the throng of job seekers looking for work is still relatively large, employers are able to find an employee that fits their corporate culture the best and matches the needs of the position description the most.

In addition to having a wide pool of job seekers from which to choose, there are a variety of tax incentives available to employers for hiring employees from specific categories. For example, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides an incentive for employers to hire strategically from one of these nine groups:

1.    Qualified Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Recipients
2.    Qualified Veterans/Disabled Veterans
3.    Qualified Ex-felons
4.    Designated Community Residents residing in an Enterprise Zone
5.    Vocational Rehabilitation Referrals
6.    Qualified Summer Youths
7.    Qualified Food Stamp Recipients
8.    Qualified Supplemental Security Income Recipients
9.    Long-Term Family Assistance Recipients

Employers can reduce their taxes up to $2,400 or $4,800 during the first year of employment or up to $9,000 over two years, depending on the qualified applicant. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of qualified employees for which an employer can take the credit.

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