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Should I secure professional help with hiring?

Hiring a new employee may seem like a simple process on the surface, but recruiting and selecting the perfect employee for your business can be challenging. Consider that hiring a new employee requires research, selecting skilled applicants, interviewing and then finally selecting the best candidate.

Taking all that into consideration, some employers find hiring a new employee to be both timely and expensive. The intricate process and the time requirements alone are enough for most employers to consider securing professional help with hiring. Add to that the inherent cost of turnover makes getting third party professional assistance an investment for you and your business.

Finding a new hire requires research. You must have a clear picture of the open position and describe that position’s essential functions and required qualifications. The second thing hiring requires is the process of selecting skilled applicants. You may receive dozens of resumes and you must thoroughly prescreen them all. Remember, the point of hiring a new employee is not to fill an empty position: it is to grow your business, and your staff is a huge part of that. Failing to choose strategic hires will only cripple your own business, and when hiring is done with little thought, often the new hire does not work out, resulting in you, the employer, having to start the entire process all over again.

Once you’ve selected a pool of skilled applicants, it is time to interview. The interview component of the hiring process greatly contributes to the cost of turnover – the process of replacing one employee with another. This is because the person or team doing the hiring is distracted from their normal tasks, whose work would normally be a source of revenue for the company. If you are doing the interviewing with a team, the team must be the same each time you interview, and the interview process must be guided by the same standard set of questions each time. This ensures that all of the decision makers in your hiring team are on the same page and are scrutinizing the job seekers in the same light. Also remember, your interview questions must offer opportunities for the applicant to speak about both their hard skills and their soft skills to assess their ability to fit in with your company culture.

If applicants do fit in with your company culture and meet your position requirements, conduct a group meeting with the decision makers in your organization to discuss and select the right candidate for the position. Once yo’u’ve selected your job applicant, extend the conditional offer of employment based on successful completion of required steps such as a background check and a drug test.

As mentioned earlier, the process of finding the right candidate can be quite challenging, especially to small businesses. This is why WORKFORCE plus offers Business and Employer Services at no cost to you! If you need to publish a vacancy, WORKFORCE plus can handle job posting and referrals for you. If you need to find skilled employees, WORKFORCE plus will recruit, asses and screen applicants for you. You will also be provided with advice on how to conduct the interview and what questions to ask. Hiring may be a large task, but WORKFORCE plus can help!

To learn more, visit or contact us toll free at (866) WFP-JOB1.