Sopchoppy Growers Market

Posh Java Weekly Update

Sopchoppy Harvest Growers’ Market

The weekly Growers’ Market will feature more produce this Saturday, March 5th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Following is the list of produce and items that will be offered at market this weekend. It’s very important to support these farmers so they will return. Spread the news to other growers and fresh produce lovers, and help the Sopchoppy market continue to grow and thrive. At market this Saturday:

Crescent Moon Farm, from Sopchoppy; is bringing arugula, green garlic, collards, sprouts, cane syrup, a limited amount of broccoli, green and multiplier onions, kale, and Jack’s bread.

We anticipate that the Barnhardt Family, from Monticello in Jefferson County; will once again be bringing a variety of locally grown and down-state produce and fruit. In addition, Neil will have his pastels with him. He does very nice short (10-15 minute) portraits for $20.

Tony and Jane Ellen Strickland’s T&J Farm from Crawfordville will probably not be able to make it this weekend. If they can make it here Saturday, they’ll be selling fresh (raw) milk from Jersey cows.

We anticipate that Mahan Farms will be back with goat products from the goats raised on the farm; grass fed, with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Serenity Acres will be back with their goat products; cheese (plain and seasoned and maybe some with cinnamon and brown sugar for the morning bagel or toast), milk, soap, and fudge. They’ll also have farm-fresh eggs (both large at $4 and small at $2 a dozen).

Sandra will have alfalfa sprouts and Shannon will have her home-made pet treats.

Deborah Paul will not be here this Saturday, but will return next Saturday with more baby chicks. She has asked us to share her phone number if anyone is interested in getting baby chicks sooner. She expects to have around 96 or so new baby chicks a week from this Saturday. Her number is: 747-8571. Her baby chicks are hatched from her own chickens. She says that they are all going to be really big chickens and can be used for meat or egg production. They include White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Road Island Reds and Black Jersey Giants. She’ll be selling them for $2.00 each. Feel free to ask her questions about her chicks and which ones are laying chicks and which ones are better suited for future meat.

Derek and Laura Graziano will be playing the hammer dulcimer and the cello respectively. It’s free; so tips are appreciated. They will have their CD’s for sale.