BP News Update

As part of our ongoing commitment to the residents of Florida and the Gulf Coast, BP is providing this weekly update of the top news stories that have been published on the Florida Gulf Response website, a site dedicated to communicating with residents and communities in Florida, including community members, businesses, elected officials and response agencies.

To read more about a specific article, simply click on the headline link below.

New “Voices from the Gulf” ads highlight Gulf Coast businesses

Florida Panhandle business owner featured in BP television commercial

Voices from the Gulf: Florida businesses owners

Voices from the Gulf: Louisiana shrimper

Fill up at a local Florida BP station and get rewards

BP Investments and Payments – Florida, Jan. 13, 2011

Scientists find methane gas concentrations have returned to near-normal levels (from e! science news)

Crews prepare beaches for spring break (from

Snowbirds migrate to Winter Guest Fest (from

Survey: Tourists who stayed away from Gulf last year plan to return (from

National Commission releases full investigation report (from Oil Spill Commission)

After the spill: how the Gulf cleaned itself (from

Recipients of spill claims checks urged to plan ahead for taxes (from

Volunteers keeping an eye on coastal ecosystem (from

Budget Travel website names Gulf Coast to 10 Best Budget Destinations for 2011 (from Budget Travel)

The Florida Gulf Response website is part of BP’s commitment to communicate about environmental and economic restoration developments along the Gulf Coast. The website features updated information and news about the status of oil spill response and recovery activities; shoreline, beach and marsh cleanup efforts; programs to promote tourism and seafood safety; wildlife rescue and rehabilitation; research programs, and more.

The site also provides useful information and links for individuals and businesses to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF).

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