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Wakulla Chamber Launches New Website

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The Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of its new website at: The new site was developed to address one of the key priorities established by Chamber President, Kimberly A. Moore, during her initial address to the Chamber membership earlier in the year.

“The primary objective of launching the new website was to expand our outreach and services to the businesses in Wakulla County by using technology to establish an online presence.” Kimberly A. Moore, explained. “We also wanted to create a user friendly tool that could be used to connect our membership to additional services while at the same time providing increased exposure of the services and goods they provide.”

With that in mind, more menu items with useful content have been added. The new features consist of an updated events calendar, member profiles and directory will be noticeable improvements. The website will now provide more information about the county, resources, quality of life and chamber activities. The site will enable information to be readily available for attracting and maintaining commerce within our county borders. Moreover, content will be easy to find for visitors, new businesses and future residents.

Additional upgrades to the site will come in progressive stages to ensure that website remains current.  Some of the soon to be launched features include: a job board, which will be helpful for Wakulla residents looking for work; downloadable coupons from local merchants; a newsletter subscription form and a student section. Along with the new navigation, the website will welcome viewers with a simple,   clean look and feel to display esthetically the new features, upgrades and innovations. One of the mandates for the new design was an uncluttered layout with an easy-to-navigate system.

In addition, Chamber members will appreciate upcoming features such as a leads generation area, internal communications and membership information and notices.

As the voice for the Wakulla business community, it is imperative that we seek out opportunities that will increase the value of the Chamber member’s investment.  By launching the new website we are confident that it will encourage more visitors to our website and greatly enhance the opportunities for our membership to increase their respective customer bases.

The Wakulla Chamber of Commerce is led by volunteer business leaders in the community. As a result, there are limited funds with which to make major investments in our marketing efforts.

“We are very fortunate that the newly launched Chamber website was created and developed courtesy of local business owner and Chamber member, Chuck Robinson,” stated Kimberly A. Moore, President. “The amount of time committed to this project not only demonstrates Mr. Robinson’s commitment to giving back to his community but also his commitment to supporting the growth of our local business community.”

“Identifying opportunities to utilize your business expertise to advance the mission of the Chamber is imperative in the current economic climate,” stated Chuck Robinson, president of Brick Launcher, a business that specializes in web design and innovative marketing solutions. “I am very passionate about incorporating any and all technological innovations available and using new marketing tools that make websites more useful.”

For more information about the chamber’s new website contact: Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 598, 23 High Drive, Crawfordville, FL 32326.