Get started on an Environmental Career at TCC Spring Semester 2015

Chemistry and Biology of Natural WatersEVR1080C (#144049)
This class certifies you as a Water Quality Technician. It’s also credit towards your Environmental Science Technology AS Degree! This course provides an overview of the biological and chemical nature of surface water, groundwater and wastewater. Emphasis is on the sampling and analysis of water, flora and fauna of freshwater systems. Online and Lab: 3 Credit Hours.


Urban Pollution EVR 1263 – (#144050)
Online Course
This course provides an overview ofurbanpollution issues in a historical context and through examining currenturbanpollution priorities. Topics include the history of environmental services inurbanAmerica related to wastewater sanitation, water supply contamination, public refuse management, industrial waste impacts, air pollution and surface water issues. An in-depth examination of advancements in environmental technology, management practices and publicservice related to these topics will be pursued: 3 Credit hours.


Wetland Resources – EVR1357 (#144051)

Online Course This course introduces the ecology and management ofwetlandshabitats. It introduces the physical, biological and chemical factors that influencewetlands, as well as variations in these factors that differentiate various types ofwetlands. The course also introduces past and present legislation that impactswetlandspreservation and management.

Online and Field Work:3 Credit Hours.

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